Ex-FBI Agent Cody O'Brien has way too much experience living in the shadows. When her husband is killed in an arrest gone bad, Cody and her young son Ryan become the targets of a vengeful Russian mobster named Oskar Kirov. Kirov's eldest son Viktor was also killed during the deadly arrest and Oskar has sworn to kill both Cody and Ryan. To protect her son, Cody enters the Witness Protection Program, but when someone in the FBI leaks their location, Kirov's gang comes gunning.

After barely escaping with their lives, Cody and Ryan strike out on their own. For three years now, they have been living a low-key life in Northern California. Their peace is shattered, however, when circumstances place Ryan in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eight-year-old Ryan's best friend is Peter Landon, the son of millionaire entrepreneur Travis Landon. Similar in looks and build, Ryan is kidnapped by individuals who mistake him for Peter.

Cody is frantic, angry and terrified. Fearing at first that Kirov has grabbed Ryan, Cody doesn't take much comfort in discovering that it is a case of mistaken identity. Knowing that any publicity will alert Kirov to their location, Cody desperately tries to handle the search on her own. However, a crusty old retired Marine Colonel refuses to be put off. Walter Turner has known for some time that Cody and Ryan are in hiding. Missing his own estranged grandson, Walter is determined to help in any way he can. With Ryan's life in the balance, Cody will need all the help she can get.

In this story of vengeance, lies and betrayal, Ms. Girard does a great job ratcheting up the loneliness and terror felt by her main characters. This is nail-biting suspense at its finest! (Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith