Image of Cold Snap (Lucy Kincaid Novels)


Image of Cold Snap (Lucy Kincaid Novels)

In the latest Lucy Kincaid novel, Brennan does a terrific job of weaving three murder cases together as members of the extended Kincaid clan race against the clock to save lives and solve crimes. Filled with action, intrigue and emotion, Brennan delivers an exceptional novel that is engaging from beginning to end.

Before heading to San Diego for Christmas, at his mother’s insistence, PI Patrick Kincaid attempts to find out why attorney Elle Santana, the daughter of a family friend, has gone incommunicado. Patrick soon learns Elle is trying to keep a witness alive in order to take down a powerful businessman. Meanwhile, a snowstorm delays Lucy and boyfriend Sean Rogan in Denver, and they soon discover a dead body at a hotel. Finally, a heart attack lands patriarch Colonel Kincaid in the hospital where a hostage situation traps Det. Carina Kincaid in deadly danger. (MINOTAUR, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith