Just before slipping into a coma, Marguerite Rawson reveals a bombshell to her daughter, attorney Meredith: She has a half-sister. When Meredith confronts her father, he tells her that he was aware of the child and insists that Meredith leave things alone. But Meredith won't.

It is a miracle that Holly Matthews awoke in time to fight off a killer. When she finds that the intruder has her key and the alarm code, she suspects her senator husband is trying to have her killed. Taking their young son, Holly flees New Orleans.

There, Detective Gage Gaynor is following leads on an old case that seems to lead to Meredith's family. Meredith and Gage join forces—and not a moment too soon. Cold-blooded killers are stalking both Meredith and Holly. Will the secrets of the past be unlocked in time?

Fast-paced and intricately plotted, this excellent romantic thriller is a terrific read. Potter knows suspense, and readers get a great tale every time! (Jan., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith