Image of Cold Vengeance (Special Agent Pendergast)


Image of Cold Vengeance (Special Agent Pendergast)

Preston and Child continue their dominance of the thriller genre with stellar writing and twists that come at a furious pace. Others may try to write like them, but no one can come close. The best in the business deliver another winner.

Shaken up by learning that his wife’s death was murder instead of an accident, Special Agent Pendergast goes hunting with his brother-in-law in Scotland. His relative has something else entirely in mind. When the trigger is pulled and Pendergast lays dying, he hears his wife is alive after all. After a couple of weeks, people start to get concerned about Pendergast. The brother-in-law, Esterhazy, convinces the Scottish authorities that the shooting was accidental. But he still can’t get over the fact that when the authorities went to the site to recover Pendergast’s body, it wasn’t there. (LITTLE, BROWN, Aug., 368 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers