Image of Collared: A Gin & Tonic Mystery


Image of Collared: A Gin & Tonic Mystery

Kornetsky (aka Laura Ann Gilman) introduces readers to the players in the first Gin and Tonic mystery series. Both of the main characters are very likable, as each has their own issues that they are working through. The storyline is exciting, but tends to drag a bit.

Virginia “Ginny” Mallard is a professional concierge, taking on jobs that people don’t have time for. One night at the local hangout, she overhears a man talking to the bartender about not having the time to look for his uncle. Thinking that this would be an easy job, she offers her services. Bartender Teddy Tonica is used to people spilling their guts to him. When Ginny offers her help to his customer, he is enlisted as her partner in trying to locate a man that has disappeared without a trace. As Ginny and Teddy track down the missing man, they are targeted. Will they find the uncle, or end up missing as well? (GALLERY, Nov., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson