Newscaster Deborah Stark has always maintained a sense of detachment from the emotional stories she reports. But when her mother suddenly dies, Deborah's carefully built walls start collapsing. The handsome and mysterious man with whom Deborah had a brief encounter at her best friend's wedding soon arrives to bring comfort.

For many years, shape-shifter Marcus Bocelli has excelled at his unique job for the Foundation. Working with the forces of light to balance the growing darkness, Marcus has helped others find their true potential. It is a lonely life, though, so when he feels a sensual spark igniting with Deborah, he is human enough to want to pursue it.

Upon her return to work, Deborah is drawn into a story about corruption and evil that may lead to the highest levels of the conglomerate she works for. Now she may become a target, and Marcus can no longer hide his secret abilities.

This cautionary tale of power run amok strikes all too close to reality in our current era of mega- corporations. Luckily, passion and compassion are powerful motivators in O'Day–Flannery's terrific and emotionally compelling new tale. (Oct., 342 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith