Merline Lovelace centers this action-packed military romance on Suzanne Bonneaux, a highly respected army colonels daughter.

Though shes been to finishing school, Suzanne is still an army brat who can handle herself in rough situations. On her way to help her friend Bright Water from being forced onto a reservation, her stage is attacked by an infamous gang of thieves.

Fortunately the legendary gunman, Black Jack Sloan is also aboard. Acting like a true hero, Jack saves Suzannes life. Despite her fear of the gunslinger, Suzanne has no choice but to join him as he heads to the nearest town.

He is her valiant knight, but Jack wants nothing to do with a good woman since hes a man with a mission: to avenge his familys murderers.

Though with very different objectives, Suzanne and Jack find themselves pushed together while on their journey through the rugged Dakota Territory, and the sexual tension between them rises and rises until it explodes in passion. When Suzanne is then kidnapped by the thieves, Jack will do whatever he must to gain her release.

Once safely back at home, Suzanne must find a way to show Jack that her love will give him the courage to put aside the past and reach for a bright future.

With all the grit and reality of a strong western and the passion of a wonderful love story, Merline Lovelace brings readers into an emotionally powerful tale akin to Francine Rivers classic westerns. Not to be missed by fans of the genre. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin