Image of The Colonel's Widow?


Image of The Colonel's Widow?

THE COLONEL'S WIDOW? (4) by Mallory Kane: Reluctantly, widow Irina Castle stops the investigation into her husband's death. But she has inadvertently set in motion a terrorist's plan to kill her group of search-and-rescue operatives. And her husband is actually alive. Rook arranged his own "death" to protect Irina, knowing he was the only man alive who had seen terrorist Novus Ordo, who would stop at nothing to kill him, even murdering his wife. When Rook returns, the terror escalates, and Irina doesn't know if she can trust Rook again, but her marital problems will have to wait until a threat against her country can be squashed. As usual, Kane knows how to twist and turn her story and characters, until her readers are wrung out with tension, before delivering the surprise ending.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper