Historical romance author Julianne MacLean adopts the pseudonym E.V. Mitchell to pen this brilliantly poignant mainstream tale. The author’s prose is both concise and lyrical as it floats the reader through this tale of love in many different forms. Parallels are drawn between members of this multi-generational family and each character is given a unique personality. The miracle of the story is in the characters’ abilities to persevere through difficult times and hold onto their faith in love. Readers will find that this story encourages them to look at their own lives with a new perspective.

Sophie’s life has had its fill of ups and downs. From her mother leaving when she was young and her daughter’s battle with leukemia, to her passionate marriage and successful professional career, Sophie endures the hardships and delights in her many blessings. However, as life events drive her deep into despair, her faith is shaken. And after Sophie is involved in a car accident, a painful secret is revealed - one that Sophie had willed herself to forget. (SMASHWORDS, Jan. 2011, dl. $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Abigail Ortlieb