Fulfilling the promise she made to her dying stepsister, childrens book writer and illustrator Ardith Merritt delivers her niece and nephews to their father in Wyoming. After many years, she must confront the man who jilted her to marry her stepsister.

Though a member of an aristocratic English family, Baird Northcross has spent his life traveling the globe. To his family, he is a failure and they have sent him to Wyoming to make something of himself.

The wild land has a strange effect on Baird. He loves the untamed beauty and is determined to make the ranch profitable.

Ardiths arrival is a shock. Baird had no idea that his wife was ill, but more than that, he has to face how he betrayed Ardith. With Ardiths help, Baird builds relationships with his children and because of her faith in him he begins to revive his personal dreams and hopes for happiness.

THE COLOR OF THE WIND is a beautiful tale of redemption and reclaiming lost love set against the backdrop of a majestic land. There is a gentle power to Elizabeth Graysons story that will move and inspire readers. SENSUAL (June, 418 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin