Image of A Colorado Match (Love Inspired)


Image of A Colorado Match (Love Inspired)
A COLORADO MATCH (4) by Deb Kastner: When Melanie Frazier shows up at Morningway Lodge, she is surprised that Vincent Morningway isn’t expecting her. Vince is unhappy to discover his brother hired her as a consultant to help streamline Vince’s paperwork. Reluctantly, he allows Melanie to stay. As time passes, he finds her to be more help than he imagined. Melanie sees the caring the lodge provides for the families of patients at a nearby rehabilitation hospital, and is soon falling for Vince. In him, she discovers a man with real faith in God, which helps her discover her own. A wonderful story about sharing burdens, finding faith and discovering the life one dreams of may already be the one you have.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley