The consistently excellent L. E. Modesitt returns with the paperback version of THE COLORS OF CHAOS (4). Having survived the machinations of the ambitious Jeslek, the great white mage Cerryl continues to develop his powers. Convinced that the White Order offers the best alternative to a tyrant-dominated civilization, the young mage loyally performs his duty in the escalating struggle against the Black Order of Recluce. Gradually, however, he begins to realize that someone else is taking advantage of the instinctive hostility between the two opposing forces for their own endsbut who? Ironically, only a mastery of politics and economics will insure Cerryls survival. In a tour de force of characterization, Mr. Modesitt paints the other side of the Recluce picture, adding a rare depth and richness to what is already a landmark fantasy series.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer