Image of Colt (Texans)


Image of Colt (Texans)

Fans of Gentry will find expected pleasure in the third book of her Texans series. As always she paints a vivid portrait of the West and brings realistic characters to life as they meet their destiny in the wild land. It’s just what her readers have cherished for decades.

Even before she was taken prisoner by the Comanches and enslaved by the most brutal warrior, Hannah didn’t have an easy or happy life. When the cavalry rescues her, she will stop at nothing to return to the Comanche camp to save the only person that matters: her son. Colt Prescott cannot allow Hannah to return to those who held her captive. He knows the evil warrior all too well: it’s his blood brother. Colt follows Hannah and fights to save both her and her son. Once back at the fort, Hannah and her child are shunned by proper society and Colt is engaged to his commanding officer’s daughter. The would-be lovers are cast into a world that will refuse them unless they can find a place of their own in the wild Texas plains. (ZEBRA, Feb., 319 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black