Truly a fantasy -- no way
could three brothers peacefully
share one woman -- this is a strongly
sensual story that contains menage a
quatre and anal sex. The supposed innocence of the heroine makes her acceptance of the heroes' sexual requests rather unbelievable, and the lack of background information about the heroes' family dynamics makes it difficult to believe that the brothers would want to share the same woman.

When Adam finds Holly in a ditch half-frozen in the snow, he decides she is the one woman that he and his brothers can take to be their wife. His brother Ethan also senses it, but Ryan is not so sure. It doesn't take much to convince Ryan, though. Now they must convince Holly. Only, Holly is not willing to be convinced, especially since she has a husband, one who she's sure will kill the brothers if he finds her with them, and realizes they mean to keep her. (Samhain, Jan., 220 pp., $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley