Image of Colton's Christmas Baby (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)


Image of Colton's Christmas Baby (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)
COLTON’S CHRISTMAS BABY (3) by Karen Whiddon: This appears to be the last story of the Colton clan. Damien Colton, falsely imprisoned for murder, is out, but now he’s in a prison of another kind. While the town knows that he didn’t kill anyone, people fear and avoid him, and Damien is bitter. When he meets Eve Kelley in a bar one night close to Christmas, he remembers her as the only person who wrote to him while he was in prison, telling him she didn’t believe he did it. Eve is alone with a secret; she got pregnant on vacation and at close to 40, she wants the baby, even knowing the talk that it will cause in the small town. Who killed the man Damien went to prison for killing? What new, terrible thing will his sister do? Damien has been a favorite tortured character in this series and Eve is wonderful. Tying up all the loose ends though gives a jumpy quality to the story, and there is no real way to make the ending probable.
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Page Traynor