Image of Colton's Ranch Refuge


Image of Colton's Ranch Refuge
COLTON’S RANCH REFUGE (4) by Beth Cornelison: When film actress Violet Chastain first meets soldier Gunnar Colton, what she sees is a grouchy, edgy man with an attitude — and Gunnar sees a superficial, stuck-up actress. When Violet is viciously attacked and is moved into Gunnar’s cabin to recover in private, Gunnar and Violet realize they pegged each other incorrectly. As the search for Violet’s attacker ensues, Gunnar finds his heart softening toward Violet and the urge to keep her and her twin toddlers safe becomes his new mission. A tender story with a lot of heart, the strong plot features a mystery set within the Amish community. Violet and Gunnar’s connection will keep readers turning the pages.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates