Cayenne McBride will do anything to get home to Texas, even bribe half-breed gunman Maverick Durango to be her guide. Maverick has no desire to baby-sit a spitfire, until he realizes that shes the daughter of his lifelong enemy.

Maverick has waited a long time to avenge his familys murder. To do so, he intends to bed her, tame her and get his revenge, but first they have to get to Cayennes ranch. The journey leads through quicksand, stampedes, snake pits and straight into the crossfire of an Indian uprising. The more danger they encounter, the more they fall in love and the hotter the love scenes get.

Comanche Cowboy is one of Ms. Gentrys most poignant and fast-paced romances. She combines rousing adventure with fabulous details of Quannah Parker and the 1874 Uprising. This sizzling love story has all the makings of a cowboy legend. Spicy (Reissue, May, 512pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin