Veteran Regency and Medieval author Anita Mills ventures into the American West for the tale of a Texas Ranger and the heiress he rescues.

After her mother and stepfather's brutal murders, Amanda Maria Ross returns to take control of the family ranch only to find that she has walked into a nest of vipers. She is rescued by the enigmatic Clay MacAlister.

Saved from a massacre, raised by Indians, and sent to be educated in Chicago, Clay is a man of many skills and secrets. On a mission to locate renegade Quannah Parker, Clay finds Amanda near death. He brings her to his People's village to rest and heal from her ordeal.

When Amanda accompanies Clay through the rough terrain, their mutual attraction grows into love, but not until Clay can change his beliefs can they find true happiness.

Brimming over with colorful atmosphere and rich historical detail, COMANCHE MOON is an excellent, traditional western romance that fulfills reader expectations. Anita Mills is truly an author who can take any time period and bring characters and a story to life. SWEET (July, 184 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin