Rebel Captain Quentin Red Hawk is trying to steal morphine and other medication for his men. Savannah Ravenwood has what he needs. He helps her to escape the Yankees, but keeps her with him as he makes his way to his men.

Savannah will do whatever she can to escape, including trying to shoot Red Hawk. She must get to Texas to free her sister, Adela, from an abusive relationship. Red Hawk needs to get his nephew, Matthew, away from his grandparents. They make a pact: Red Hawk will help Savannah, if she will help him.

As they travel together, an attraction builds. In trying to get her sister away from her husband, Savannah shoots him and Red Hawk takes the blame. They escape and go to San Antonio to get Red Hawks nephew.

Red Hawk had decided that he is going to take his nephew and go back to the Comanche to live. Savannah has fallen in love with Red Hawk, and though he is in love with her, she will not live with the Comanche, where he will be safe from murder charges.

They part until Savannah learns of Red Hawks capture. She will risk everything to set him free and find a way to have a future together.

COMANCHE PASSION is a fast-paced adventure. Savannah is a real spitfire. Sara Orwig spins a tale of love conquering prejudice and fear. Though there are loose threads that should probably have been tied up, readers will be captivated by the dialogue, characters and adventure. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager