Abigail Briscoe and her missionary family have almost made it to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, when they are attacked by renegade Indians who kidnap her seven-year-old sister, Hannah.

At the same time, Comanche chief Nokona's wife is trampled to death during a confrontation with Cavalry soldiers. Thus Abby and Nokona cross paths.

Nokona resents the missionaries who contribute to the changes besetting his people. He is leading his band to New Mexico and agrees to allow Abby to accompany them. The journey is a revelation for Abby who witnesses the Comanche's love for one another and family.

She is welcomed on Nokona's sister's ranch but, obsessed with finding her sister, Abby presses on in her search, convincing Nokona to take her with him to Montana where Hannah and the Crow have traveled.

Abby no longer considers Nokona a "savage," but a good, caring man, and she willingly becomes his lover. Misunderstandings and fear of prejudice nearly drive them apart even as Abby is reunited with Hannah.

COMANCHE RAIN is the final book in Genell Dellin's second Native American trilogy. Her smooth writing style and insights into the plight of Indians helps create a memorable read, sure to please her innumerable fans. SENSUAL (Apr., 373 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor