Renegades had killed Annie Bryce's husband, taken her captive and then ruthlessly separated her from her young daughter, Susannah. Annie manages to survive the horrors of captivity and emerges a strong woman. When she obtains her freedom, Annie's only thought is to find her daughter.

Disillusioned Texas Ranger Hap Walker agrees to use his tracking skills to guide Annie through Indian Territory-provided she poses as his wife.

Bound by their mission and a fragile trust, Annie and Hap embark on a dangerous journey where their hearts are as at risk as their lives. They gradually rebuild their dreams as a slow, gentle healing takes place. In a harsh land they find peace and rediscover hope.

Anita Mills' COMANCHE ROSE portrays the good, the bad and the ugly that comprised the true West with a master's skill. Get set for an intense, uplifting event when you sit down to read COMANCHE ROSE. SENSUAL (Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin