Following Come the Night, COME THE DAWN continues the Delamere chronicles as India Delamere strives to rekindle a love she thought was lost forever.

India believes her beloved Thorn died on the battlefield, but when he returns to England with no memory of his life before the Napoleonic wars, she knows she must find a way to make him remember.

In a daring scheme, India arrives at Thorn's home determined to help him regain his memory. However, Thorn is a man of many secrets and surprises. On a mission for the Duke of Wellington he must keep up a charade that places not only himself, but now India in danger.

Hopelessly involved in the British plan to expose the traitors trying to help free Napoleon and locate a priceless diamond, India and Thorn are thrust into peril. From London's dark alleys to opulent ballrooms, near death experiences and pirate kidnappings, India fights for Thorn and her country.

Using her marvelous storytelling skills and brilliant imagination, Christina Skye spins a tale of high adventure and passionate romance that will enrapture readers. Cleverly plotted and packed with action, COME THE DAWN is great entertainment. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin