Frontier sheriff Jed Stark is mainly content with his independent, solitary life. Orphaned as a child, he got used to loneliness, even though he was raised by the loving Johanson family. Only memories of sweet, kind Sadie Johanson keep his nights from becoming desolate.

When Jed rescues a boy who needs a home, he thinks of Sadie, knowing she'll care for the child. But that means Jed will have to see Sadie for the first time in years, and he wonders if she ever thinks of him. Sadie, it turns out, has never gotten over her crush on Jed, and when he comes back into her life just as the holiday season begins, she's ready to show him how much she cares.

Sadie and Jed are blessed with the chance to rekindle their love, but Jed must ride out, and Sadie offers him an ultimatum: Come home for Christmas or forget her. When a raging blizzard makes this seem impossible, Sadie must rely on faith to bring him home.

Pritchard's heartwarming story will melt the ice in anyone's heart. This is just what a Christmas romance should be--a gift that warms your heart and makes you believe in the miracle of love. SENSUAL (Oct., 350 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin