This marvelous spin-off from her wonderful novel The Bargain is a lush, romantic twist on the classic story of Faust, a man who sells his soul to the Devil.

While his young son lies near death, Adam Lightfoot, the Marquis of Ravenskeep, unwittingly summons forth the Devil and in desperation agrees to give up his soul in exchange for his son's recovery. But Adam is clever and convinces the Devil to take a gamble that allows Adam to live long enough to see his son grown to manhood.

His son lives but with a crippled leg, and as Adam despairs of his child ever being whole, a healer arrives, Caitlin O'Brian, whose gift of the sight has led her to Adam. Known as the "Irish Angel," Caitlin is his son's only hope.

Adam has no idea that she will be his only hope, too. Caitlin's gifts have helped prepare her to heal those in need of her skills and, like his son, Adam needs her powers and her love. But love alone cannot outwit the Devil. With faith and love to guide her, Caitlin discovers the power to face the demon, even if she must risk her immortal soul to save those she loves.

Inventive, clever, and breathtakingly romantic, COME MIDNIGHT is another masterpiece from a highly respected talent. Victoria Sattler never disappoints and by using the basis of a classic tale of good against evil she has created a memorable love story that will not easily be forgotten. The genre has a gift in Ms. Sattler. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin