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With her latest Berkley release, COME MIDNIGHT, the extremely talented Suzanne Forster delivers one of the sexiest psychological suspense tales to come along in years. The sexual tension between Leigh and Nick is guaranteed hot enough to set the pages on fire. A terrific read.

It promised to be a scandalous trial, guaranteed to titillate both the public and the media. Brilliant photographer Nick Montera, dubbed the "sexual sorcerer," is on trial for the brutal murder of one of his former models, Jennifer Taryn.

Psychologist Leigh Rappaport, fiancee of L.A.'s current District Attorney, is hired as an expert witness for the prosecution. Leigh's customary professional detachment is severely dented from the moment she meets the magnetic and disturbing Nick. The man is unrestrained sexual magnetism tinged with more than a hint of danger.

But who is Nick really? Raised in one of the roughest sections of the barrio, events from Nick's past continue to haunt and color his world. And now District Attorney, Dawson Reed, is determined to convict Nick Montera - even at the price of Leigh's professional credibility and reputation.

Although Leigh's inability to separate her emotional reaction to Nick from the case at hand causes her to withdraw from the case. The question remains - did Nick murder Jennifer, or has he been framed to suit another's purpose?

Shocking revelations blow the case wide open, but Leigh is troubled by puzzle pieces that don't seem to fit. Someone is playing a very twisted game.

(Feb., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith