Daisy James is a pretty little thing with a dream bigger than the state of California where she resides. But the big folk dont want to hear about her dream, her ma especially, who just wants to protect Daisy from getting her hopes up too high, only to have them crushed.

What Abigail James doesnt realize is that Daisys dream isnt for herself. And if God answers Daisys prayer, the whole town, including her ma, will be blessed. Will too many obstacles and a mining accident crush all of Daisys hopes?

From the moment you read the first line until the end, youll be rooting for Daisy and the maligned teacher who assists her. Perhaps youll even hear the haunting tune Come, My Little Angel. This is a little book with a big-hearted story. (Sep., 128 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston