Book Review

by Julie Garwood

Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: Montana, 1880

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What began so beautifully in For the Roses and continued with The Claybourne Brides comes to a delightful conclusion in COME THE SPRING as Julie Garwood brings us to Cole Claybourne and the elusive Daniel Ryan.

Cole, the rebellious brother, faces a life changing decision when he encounters U.S. Marshall Daniel Ryan, the man who stole his compass from Mama Rose.

Marshall Ryan has kept the compass to lure Cole. He needs Cole's help to capture a notorious band of bank robbers. Daniel believes there was a witness to their last robbery and he means to find her and then the killers.

Cole is reluctant but hes soon caught up in Daniel's investigation. They discover that one of three women in the town was in the bank that day. Once they find Grace, Jessica and Rebecca they must guard them from the gang's wrath.

Both Cole and Daniel discover that protecting the women leaves their hearts unguarded. As they get closer to unmasking the leader of the gang (and a court trial youll never forget), they find the love and peace they need.

This Claybourne reunion is pure Julie Garwood, a combination of humor and sensuality. Mystery and humanity blend perfectly together. You'll shed a tear and find it hard to say farewell to a family you have come to love. Thank you, Ms. Garwood, for Mama Rose and her children. SWEET (Oct., 353 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

Publisher: Pocket

Published: October 1998

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4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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Come the Spring

Submitted by Robin in PA on November 27, 2013 - 10:22pm.

Cole Clayborne has finally caught up to U.S. Marshal Daniel Ryan, only to find out that he has been sworn in as a Marshal also. Now the two are investigating a chain of bank robberies by the notorious Blackwater Gang. The latest robbery left seven people dead. But clues lead to the fact that a woman was hiding in the bank and witnessed the whole thing. Cole and Daniel find that three women visited the bank that day, and all say they were not at the bank at the time of the robbery. But when their stories start sounding suspicious, Cole and Daniel decide to escort the three women to Texas to talk to a judge.

This historical romance was a little different from the norm. The first chapters opens from the witnesses point of view. We never know her name, but we see everything that happens during the robbery/murders. When Daniel and Cole interview Rebecca, Grace and Jessica, they realize their stories just don't hold water.

I liked getting to see Cole again. He was my favorite Clayborne brother. I also liked the character of Daniel Ryan, and thought he and Cole dealt well with each other. It was a nice that we didn't know which of the women actually witnessed the crime until the middle portion of the book. This book has two romances, both equally satisfying. It was a nice wrap to the series. My rating: 4 Stars.