Image of Come to the Table (A SouledOut Sisters Novel)


Image of Come to the Table (A SouledOut Sisters Novel)

Jackson’s SouledOut Sisters series continues with this second enjoyable novel. The main character, Kat, is not a very likable protagonist and can be incredibly grating as she jumps to conclusions and plows ahead without considering others’ feelings. However, her transition throughout the story makes the entire experience worthwhile, and as with all of Jackson’s books, the faith portion of the storyline is top-notch.

Kat Davies has a passion, but doesn’t exactly know how to channel it. She wants to teach low-income and homeless people about healthy eating, but runs into barriers wherever she turns. When the idea of starting a food pantry is presented, Kat jumps in with both feet, and quickly finds herself in over her head. And there’s the tiny problem of friend and pastoral student Nick, whom Kat has feelings for — but she isn’t quite sure he feels the same about her. (THOMAS NELSON, Dec., 400 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel