Image of Come Toy With Me


Image of Come Toy With Me
Dino Angelis of the psychic San Francisco family featured in other Cara Summers books has arranged to leave the Navy but does one last job for his boss. Retired Col. James McGuire needs someone to guard his daughter, whose toy store the Feds suspect of being a front for a drug ring. Dino poses as Cat's fiance, and as a winter storm rages, violence breaks out. Passion also erupts between Dino and Cat, and his psychic powers tell him they're going to be together -- but only if she stays alive. Come Toy With Me (4) has a great plot, mysterious suspects, a wonderful romance and lots of adventure. Dino and Cat are a perfect match. Unlike some series, this one hasn't run out of steam. It continues to intrigue and charm.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor