Image of The Comeback


Image of The Comeback
THE COMEBACK (4) by Abby Gaines: Publicist Gaby Colson is tasked with turning Zack Matheson into a media personality. Her instincts tell her she's doomed to fail but, cash-strapped and desperate to prove herself worthy of a promotion, Gaby plans a strategy to reveal Zack's hidden depths. He wants to be left in peace as he prepares for his NASCAR comeback, but Zack agrees to go along with Gaby's publicity plans if she'll help him mend fences with his family. A relationship ensues, but when Zack insists on putting his racing first, will it be over before it begins? Gaines tackles the complexities of family relationships head-on in this entertaining read filled with three-dimensional characters you'll be rooting for until the very end.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan