When Finn left Lucy's Lake 10 years ago, he took Tessa's car as well as her heart. Now the car is back ... with Finn.

After rescuing the animals when a pet store catches on fire, Finn is surprised when he is greeted by most of the folks as a hero. Finn then discovers that Tessa has created a persona for him as a P.I. Now he has to live up to this lie when her sister Izzy hires him to look into the death of their mother, who was killed in a car accident the day he left town. With the help of a stray dog that seems to be able to share its thoughts, Tessa, Finn and Izzy stir up a past that may put more than just themselves in danger.

This novel has many delightful characters (creating some laugh-out-loud moments), including a few that will be recognized from Rich's Maybe Baby. There is plenty of humor and some angst, and though the romance takes precedence, the mystery is a well-done secondary storyline. (May, 336 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley