Popular romance author Hannah's latest novel is a heartwarming holiday tale. It's Christmastime and Joy Candellaro, a California school librarian, has little mirth in her life. Her estranged sister had an affair with her ex-husband when he was still married to Joy.

On a whim, Joy buys a ticket for a flight to the town of Hope, in British Columbia. But the plane crashes in Washington state, and Joy walks away from it and into a new life, where she meets widower Daniel O'Shea and his young son, Bobby. As Joy warms to Bobby and begins falling in love with Daniel, she becomes an integral part of their lives. But has she found real happiness at last, or will true contentment remain forever elusive?

Hannah's novel resonates with poignancy and deep emotion. And emotions continue to be an ever-present force as Joy moves on to establish a relationship with Bobby and Daniel. The Christmas setting provides a magical aura, as the author expertly draws the reader into this enthralling read. (Nov., 272 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick