The author goes to great lengths to make it clear that Grant is not gay or bisexual. Rather it is Cade himself who Grant is attracted to. Their story is a beautiful awakening of male curiosity and experimentation, made hotter when Grant's wife is included in the two men's love play. The relationship between the three characters is real and tangible. The reader will be able to literally feel the love that they have for each other come through the page.

Married couple Grant and Vivi have been best friends with Cade forever. However, the relationship has been slowly changing when Vivi and Grant realize they are both attracted to their bisexual friend. The three decide it is time to act on their passion, but they are all looking for more than just a ménage. Cade, Vivi and Grant feel deep and abiding love for each other, but can they make their unusual arrangement work? (Carina Press, September 2010, dl $3.99).

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne