Image of Coming Clean


Image of Coming Clean

Margolis’ story takes wittiness to a whole new level, as it gives readers a part-realistic and part-hilarious, tongue-in-cheek glimpse into a marriage on the rocks. Readers will be able to relate and sympathize with Sophie as she finds herself in uncharted territory. Although slightly predictable, there are fresh and original elements to the story and a cast of unique (to say the least) secondary characters that provide antics galore. While the pacing flows nicely through the majority of Coming Clean, the ending feels rushed, and the resolution feels anticlimactic and insubstantial.

After 11 years together, Sophie and Greg’s marriage has hit a brick wall, and Sophie soon has to adapt to single-parent life. While Greg has moved on, and rather quickly, Sophie is also having to contend with changes at work and with certain, um, discoveries about her parents. When an old high school crush enters the picture, will he be just what she needs to move on with her love life? Or will she realize that sometimes seemingly insurmountable problems can indeed be overcome? (NAL, Sep., 384 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch