With her high-powered modeling career winding down, Roxanne Ballinger decides to return to her hometown of Oak Valley. While her friends and even her family are a bit surprised, Roxanne knows what she wants. Having purchased the land and rundown cabin of a now deceased suspected drug grower, Roxanne is busy planning her dream home.

Deputy sheriff Jeb Delaney can't believe Roxanne is serious about settling down. She and Jeb have been like oil and water for years. Roxanne has never forgiven Jeb busting her as a teenager for possession of marijuana, and it doesn't look like Jeb is going to cut her any slack these days either.

Roxanne hasn't lived in the valley or near her family for a long time; learning to readapt to the pressures and influences of family will take some adjustment. Then there is Jeb… while both insist their adversarial relationship is the same as always, something feels different. This time, the angry sparks are also fanning a flame of a very different kind.

Picking up where last year's Return to Oak Valley left off, perennial favorite Shirlee Busbee serves up more spice on residents. At times poignant, sometimes sexy and always engrossing, COMING HOME is terrific reading. (Sep., 448 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M.Smith