Amid the enduring bonds of friendship, Holmes has created an emotional novel that will completely enthrall the reader from start to finish. Likeable and realistic characters fill the pages of this creatively penned read by one of the rising stars of women's fiction.

Olivia Halsey loves boyfriend Daniel Cafferty, but she balks at marrying him. When he proposes, she abruptly breaks up with him and moves back to Bishop, Rhode Island, to repair her vandalized childhood home.

Friends Lexie and Claire also return to Bishop for a summer reunion with Olivia, hoping their friendship will provide a happy respite from their less-than-perfect lives. While Claire lives in a beautiful old home in Virginia, her husband travels a lot for business, and her son is a drug addict who left home after graduation and hasn't been heard from since. Lexie, the blonde Chicago anchorwoman, is out of work and tired of a life of one-night stands.

As the three friends band together to restore Olivia's home, she remembers past good times. And while Daniel's continued friendship with Olivia adds complexity to their relationship, the married Claire must come to terms with her feelings for a divorced cop who she dated twenty years ago.

(Dec., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick