Image of Coming Home (Avalon Romance)


Image of Coming Home (Avalon Romance)

Set in the music world, this novel, although a pleasant story, has nothing that makes it exceptional. While the storyline is somewhat fresh, the problem with the heroine's injury could have been better developed. Still,
a likable heroine and a fun subplot involving the hero's great-aunt make Ross' novel a fun way to pass an

Libby McNeil is a world-renowned cellist who's come home to Australia to recuperate after a repetitive stress injury on her hand sidelines her career. While at dinner at an old friend's house, she meets up again with Charles Hogarth, the obnoxious man who lived beneath her eight years ago in Vienna and almost got her evicted by complaining about the noise. Charles seems interested in her, but Libby is sure that will change when he finds out that his great-aunt Gloria has hired Libby as a companion.

Libby desperately wants to play again, but she's not sure if she'll ever be able. Charles has also made it quite clear that, though he's attracted to Libby, nothing will come of their attraction if she returns to the stage. His parents were both famous in the music industry, and Charles paid the price for their fame as a young boy and has no plans to repeat the cycle as an adult. Can Libby change Charles' mind, or are they both destined to be alone? (AVALON, Oct., 272 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler