In this first of a new series, Meet Me at the Fair, Alice Duncan conjures a magical setting at the Coumbian Exposition.

Rose Gilhooley, a pure country girl who does trick bareback riding in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, meets reporter H.L. May, the epitome of city sophistication. H.L.'s plan is to write a newspaper article for his readers, trailing after Rose and documenting the experiences she has on the fairgrounds.

Rose's best friend, Annie Oakley, cautions her that H.L. might be interested in more than just writing a story, which makes Rose cautious of her intense attraction. As H.L. becomes more and more involved, he becomes awed by his own attraction to Rose, but first he must learn to trust his own feelings.

The underlying humor of their country girl versus city boy banter and misunderstandings sparkles throughout, but the setting stars in this romance that celebrates America as much as it celebrates the power of love. SENSUAL (Feb., 314 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger