Image of Coming Undone


Image of Coming Undone
Carly Winters was a top surfer in Hawaii when a terrible accident ended her career. Now she's back on her home turf in Florida to be in her sister's wedding. Trying to help the love life of a friend, she writes an erotic fantasy for her and faxes it off. Meanwhile, Carly insists to her socialite mother that she has a date for the wedding, even though she doesn't. When Navy SEAL Jonathan Huntington arrives on her doorstep, demanding to know why she faxed the erotic fantasy to a Navy SEAL team, her mother believes he's her date. Both Carly and Hunt are strong characters, and Hunt is breathtaking. Humor ripples through Stephanie Tyler's Coming Undone (4) as they clash and fight a powerful attraction.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor