Image of Commanded To His Bed


Image of Commanded To His Bed

Lynn's medievals are always good, and her latest will not disappoint. The hero is more than a warrior with a sword;
he also possesses martial arts skills. The heroine is a wife who believes she's a widow. Confused? Actually,
the plot is easy to follow and has
surprising turns as well as secondary characters that can stand alone. This
is a compelling tale of love and evil.

Hugh of Reybourne is sold into slavery on his wedding night. Tortured, forced to kill and whipped for disobedience, he blames his young bride for his misfortune. Once he secures his release, he seeks revenge on Adrienna -- but his anger soon turns to love as he realizes the woman he has hated for years was also an innocent pawn in a battle of greed.

Betrothed at a tender age, Adrienna, after years of being a deserted bride, learns her runaway groom is dead. Her father sends her to court to find a new husband, but only one man commands her attention. Handsome and sensual Hugh makes her limbs weak, but his demanding attitude leaves a lot to be desired. When a horror from Hugh's past threatens to their newly found and growing relationship, Hugh and Adrienna soon discover that adversity and evil are no match for love. (Harlequin, Apr., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith