Ryan Reid, the eldest Reid brother, returns home after a 10-year absence, seeking forgiveness from his family and the woman he left behind, Julia O'Shea.

Even though he's gained a reputation as a dependable leader and doctor, Ryan cannot shake the stigma of his wild youth or his guilt over what his actions did to his family. He strives to make amends, but no one is willing to forget the past.

Because of her love for Ryan, Julia had been ostracized by the Reids and has now rebuilt a life for herself as a newspaper owner. Ryan's return brings back all of the bitterness and the love she had for him. Try as she might, she cannot hate him and, when he comes to the aid of the town during a devastating fire, she realizes how hot her love still burns. Is it too late for them to make a fresh start?

Bridges' poignant, tender romance goes straight for the heart with its deep emotions and beautiful message of redemption and love's healing powers. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin