Image of Commencement (Hellsbane)


Image of Commencement (Hellsbane)

This novella is a prequel to the Hellsbane series, and it is sure to entertain readers with its fresh take on the genie-in-a-bottle theme. Cuccaro has a lot of fun introducing Emma Jane Hellsbane and her extraordinary powers. Emma Jane’s character development is well constructed and executed, and an unexpected twist gives an extra boost to the already exciting plot.

Emma has a special power. But the ability to absorb another’s feelings is a “gift” she can live without. Especially now that she’s in love with a man-about-campus. A fraternity member and jock, Justin sets her world afire. But Emma’s getting a weird vibe whenever they touch. For some strange reason, waves of anger flow into her body. When Justin begins bragging about things he couldn’t accomplish on his own, Emma starts to become suspicious. She sees a strange ring on his finger that she realizes contains an evil jinni. A battle soon begins between her and Justin to curtail the jinni and return it to the safety of the ring. (ENTANGLEDPUBLISHING.COM, dl $.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown