Talented non-fiction writer Sabrina Stones life changed the moment she gave birth to her son, Nicky, who suffered from severe brain damage. Surrounded by people who refused to believe the prognosis, and with no support from her businessman husband, Sabrina was feeling the weight of her burden alone.

But she forms a fleeting connection with investigative television journalist Derek McGill, whos working on a story about mentally retarded children. Derek treats Nicky tenderly, more compassionately than the boys own father.

Three months later, Dereks life has been turned upside down. Incarcerated for murder, hes getting by on strict survival mode until Sabrina comes to visit him.

Despite Dereks protests, soon they are working together to find the truth about who and why someone framed Derek for the murder. Ms. Delinsky tells a deeply moving and emotional tale that will touch the readers on many levels. Her characters will work their way into your heart. (Now available., 408 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson