Workaholic Fox Giovanni has had a heart attack and she is only 28. Terrified by her brush with death, Fox takes an extended leave of absence and retreats to the rural North Carolina farm run by her foster mother, Willow. Seeing Willow again is wonderful, but Foxs peace of mind is shattered by Willows handsome but disagreeable nephew, Van Compton. Shes so strongly attracted to him that when theyre together she cant tell if shes having heart palpitations or just falling in love. And being in love is the last thing she wants or needs in her life.

Van is tired of people taking advantage of his aunts generous nature. At first suspicious of Fox and her city girl airs, he comes to realize shes just a frightened woman caught in the midst of a medical nightmare, struggling to adjust to the new restrictions on her life. Van finds himself falling in love with Fox despite her insistence on keeping him at arms length. With time against him, Van is determined to prove to her that she belongs with him and that her job can not fulfill all her needsespecially not her sensual and emotional ones.

This is a warm, wonderful, provocative romance that addresses one of the leading womens issues of the 90s, revealing the costly sacrifices women often make for success in the corporate world. But, as always, first and foremost, Ms. Green sweeps the reader away on the lush carpet of reality-grounded romantic fantasy. (Apr., 249 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson