IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS is a exhilarating science fiction thriller by Julie Czerneda. First exposed to humankind by the terraforming crews who were making new worlds ready for colonists, the alien Quill mutated from harmless filaments to a deadly viruswiping out human life on all terraformed planets.

Stranded colonists overburden the transient space stations yet Earth governments wont let them return. It remains a stalemate until research scientist Dr. Gail Smith tracks down someone who might have survived Quill contact. Aaron Pardell exists within a dont touch buffer zone on one of the crowded space stations; his physiology wont allow him human contact without severe pain and seizures.

Just below Aarons skin is a network of fine gold linesGail believes its Quill that has fused with Aarons body and she wants to study it to figure out how to kill the alien substance. But will her research kill Aaron?

IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS is an amazing, riveting story. Ms. Czerneda has created a fast-paced, intense read that is superbly supported with strong characters and believable technology. (Jun., 576 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper