Image of The Company You Keep


Image of The Company You Keep

Marzec’s tale is a ghostly contemporary. The darker aspects don’t come across as realistic, and leave unanswered questions. The secondary characters have strong roles, but at times the information they share comes from out of the blue.

Jennifer Brant is trying to keep her farm. Her sister-in-law is ill, the bills are mounting and a billionaire wants to buy her land. Jennifer can’t sell because she protects a portal to the afterlife. Abigail, the ghost who watches over the farm, sets Jennifer up with the developer, and he saves her life. Nathan is assuaging the guilt over his lover’s death by building a concert hall in her memory. When he’s wounded he doesn’t believe the police, who say the shot came from a hunter. Things get darker as the elderly woman who agreed to his land deal is murdered. Jennifer agrees to Nathan’s terms, and enters a marriage of convenience. Nathan can see the ghost now, but an older spirit is stirring, and someone has stolen his fortune. Will he be able to protect Jennifer and keep her secret before evil rises on the farm? (CRESCENT MOON, 2009, 304 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice