Emma Fitzgerald is an activist whose concern for the tenants of John Clayton, Vis-count Wakefield, compels her to storm his manor. Emma knows all the rumors about Wakefield's debauchery and sinful reputation, but catching him in bed with his mistress is shocking and titillating.

Emma is determined, however, to see justice done and begins scolding him for his lack of compassion. John would prefer to see her naked beneath him, and when he baits her, she comes back with a scandalous bargain: she'll give herself to John if he'll show his kindness to the tenants.

John cannot wait to awaken Emma to her passionate nature, and the ensuing lessons will make your skin tingle as Emma learns of the marvelous pleasures of the flesh while teaching John all about love.

As a blossoming queen of erotic romance, Cheryl Holt comes to full flower in this enticing, sizzling combination of erotic passion, strong characterization and a finely tuned plot. Readers will see themselves and their secret longings on each page and shiver with delicious delight. SEXY (Sep., 378 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin