Maeve Midden desperately needs the position of governess offered by the new Lord Rothe, even though it will only last for one year before His Lordships niece, Clarissa, will make her bow to society.

Clarissa is deemed a hoyden by her uncle and receives no discipline from her mother, so it is left to Maeve to make the girl presentable to the ton. Clarissa soon realizes the immense attraction between her gruff, unbending uncle and the quiet, dignified governess, however, neither of them see it. She sets out to get herself an aunt to present her at court, even if it means putting herself or others into compromising situations in order to achieve her goal.

Ms. Donnelly pens an amusing and heartwarming tale about these two lonely adults who struggle to overcome some imagined or real flaw, and who finally arrive at true happiness. (Now available, 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck