Image of Compulsion (Alex Delaware, No. 22)


Image of Compulsion (Alex Delaware, No. 22)

In his latest Alex Delaware thriller, Kellerman delivers his creepiest killer to date -- a true psychopath with an eerie ability to change his appearance and mannerisms. As always, the psychology and motivations of the characters are complex and at times frightening. This is a Kellerman classic!

Normally a call about a stolen luxury vehicle wouldn't attract the attention of either Los Angeles police lieutenant Milo Sturgis or his friend, psychologist Alex Delaware, but this robbery turns out to be the first indicator of a chameleon-like killer. Initially, the brutal stabbing of an elderly woman and a missing party girl don't seem to be linked, but when Milo and Alex learn that both events involved luxury vehicles, they look for similar cases.

They begin linking a baffling set of murders. With no clear motive and a killer who changes appearance at whim, Alex and Milo have their work cut out for them. From L.A. to New York to Europe, this clever killer has left a trail of bodies. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 352 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith