Image of Concealed in Death


Image of Concealed in Death

The newest cases for dogged police Lt. Eve Dallas to solve are getting colder. Through this story Robb brings attention to lost children and the tragic consequences of what often happens to them. There is a layer of poignancy to this tale that adds depth to this intriguing procedural. You can never go wrong with a Robb book!

Eve’s husband Roarke is swinging the first sledgehammer for the demolition of a New York building and reveals two skeletons wrapped in plastic behind the poorly constructed wall. Altogether they find 12 skeletons of teenage girls, and a forensic analysis proves the girls died 15 years ago. It turns out the building once contained a shelter for troubled teens. As she finds out more about the girls and who killed them, Eve enters a world filled with abuse and shattered dreams … and a connection she never suspected. (PUTNAM, Feb., 416 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith